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Welcome to the very heart of Spanish traditions - Bodegas del Señorío winery in the province of Cariñena!

Buying wines of Bodegas del Señorío connoisseurs find true pleasure… A delicate aroma of ripe juicy berries, subtle spices, light vanilla sweetness of white Aragon wine… Rich berry notes, fruity nuances and gentle astringency typical for red wine... Sophisticated flavor, splendid Southern bouquet and nobleness of rose wine… 

Bodegas del Señorío is delight sparkling in every glass.

Bodegas del Señorío winery official winemaking history goes back to 1780 when a Spanish landowner J. Asensio bought fertile land in Almonacid de la Sierra village in the province of Cariñena. According to archive documents, this landowner was involved in agricultural development. The estate prospered in 1910 when a new owner, a Spaniard, concentrated on developing wine production. For 80 years, the company bore the name of Bodegas Martínez Gutierrez. Later on, one of his sons took over the company and following the philosophy and lifestyle of his father, he continued producing one of the best wines in the region on the same land but under the new name of Bodegas del Señorío.

Today, as many years ago the winery owns grape plantations where such grape varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Macabeo are grown, and has all the necessary facilities for grapes processing and wine producing and bottling.

Исторический регион КариненаТень и камни. Горы и долины. Вода и ветер

The historical province of Cariñena

Shadow and stones. Mountains and valleys. Water and wind. The story of the fertile land is sparkling in every bottle of Cariñena wine.

In sunny and windy valleys of the Pyrenees Mountains, among the vineyard terraces the river Ebro flows.  

Here a legendary winery province of Cariñena is located occupying 20 000 hectares of land. 

Throughout the centuries, winemakers of Cariñena have been producing wine from Cariñena, Garnacha and Mocabeo grapes. However, only at the end of the 19th century – the time of low grape yields in France – the most experienced gourmets and oenophiles paid their attention to the special nobleness of Cariñena wine.

Since then, Cariñena wines have been classed among the respectable wines of Spain. Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Chardonnay, Merlot, Moscatel, Mocabeo, and Syrah wines joined the list of wines produced from traditional grape varieties. 

Ruby red, golden white, magnetic rose and orange dessert wines – today in Cariñena one can find wine to suit any taste. It is not for nothing that 60 vineyards are located in the province and the owners pass their winemaking secrets from generation to generation. The main attraction of the area is Casa de la Viña y el Vino (the Wine Museum). Founded in 1918, it houses a unique collection of old wines, which demonstrates a paramount importance of Cariñena in the world’s wine making history.

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