Garnacha in the middle of summer in Spain

Dry red wine from the most popular grapesin the region Cariñena (Spain) - Garnacha - represents the exclusive line of wines «MIDSUMMER» by Yuri Grymov, who together with Bodegas del Señorío has created a sophisticated, elegant wine with a balanced flavor, filled with aromas of ripe berries of black and red currants and raspberry, anise. Wine made from 100% of the grapes of Garnacha is rare product on the world market. 

We give you the opportunity to assess to all colors of the Spanish midsummer.

A perfect match

The wine made from 100% of Garnacha and perfectly accentuates the taste of meat, mushroom, vegetable dishes, and will serve as a refined complement to all light snacks (tapas). 

Recommended serving temperature 14º / 16º degrees.

картинка Midsummer  от магазина Bodegas
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