Strawberry and blackberry delight

Deep ruby colour wine lures with an ideal harmony of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes.

Fresh fruit tones of Garnacha intertwined with strawberry notes of Cabernet and blackberry tones of Tempranillo evolve into delicate sweet tannins and fruit in the aftertaste.

An elegant wine to suit those who value delicacy and finesse.

Sparkling ripeness

Ripe bunches of grape gave this passionate wine their juice, brightness and energy.

A glass of wine will quench your thirst at a sultry noon and complement well with roast red or white meat, fine cheeses, or sausages for dinner.

Serving temperature: 16/18ºC

картинка Viña Velerma от магазина Bodegas
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